Your First Steps

Welcome to our blog! We sincerely thank you for taking the time to read our posts. The intent of this site is to provide a place for Heather and I to share what is going in our life. We want this to be a creative outlet for us to verbally express what God is teaching us, week after week. Also, we sincerely want this blog to be useful for others. Maybe you are experiencing some of the feelings or life stages that we have encountered. I hope that you can find some encouragement through the words we share.

The journey of Baby Steps did not begin recently; it has been an accumulation of 57 years between our two lives (up to the point of this writing). Every experience we have had in life has fed our understanding of our current experiences. Every person that we have met, every song that we have listened to, every kind word – they have all had their own impact, whether that impact is measurable or not. Also, every negative experience we have dealt with has molded us, usually in a more significant way than those other, more pleasant times. The stream of our life has been fed by the ocean of our experience.

That being said, we have so many more positive experiences that have contributed to our lives than negative ones. I can honestly and gladly say that I am a blessed man. When I count up the elements that make up the sum total of who I am, I have to pause and say a prayer of thanksgiving to God. The verse that best describes who I am (what I sometimes refer to as my life verse) is I Corinthians 15:10. I’ll post the first phrase of it here:  “But by the grace of God I am what I am…” Wow! That’s me to the max! I have no other explanation for the blessings I have had but to say that God has been kinder to me than I could ever deserve.

So, what is this blog about? It sounds cliché, but it’s about life, with all the negative and positive elements, because that is how life is:  sometimes up and sometimes down. We call those our Baby Steps. Our desire is to help people understand how God really works. Quick question here: don’t you love to see people get touched by God in a big way and make sweeping changes? We (and the Bible) call that revival. But, that moment of decision is not how that person’s life truly got changed. There is a long process to life that brings all of us to those major moments of decision. But, the direction that is chosen in those big decisions is usually determined by how life has prepared us to meet that major moment. The amazing part of God’s grace is not just when it strikes like a lightning bolt (although those moments are awesome!). God’s grace is most amazing in how He works in people’s lives on a day-to-day basis to bring them to the edge of their storm, so that they will be ready when the “lightning bolt moment” hits. We have been married for a short time, but we have already had a number of “lightning bolt moments.” College, cancer, adoption – those are just a sampling of the biggies. But the stories that I really love to tell are the little ones that have happened in between, because those experiences have made us ready to meet those big occasions of life. So, grab your favorite pair of walking shoes, ‘cuz we’re going to take some Baby Steps!