Living By Faith

     Tonight at church, our pastor, Jeremy Rands, closed the service by singing an old favorite,  “Living by Faith.” This was a pretty appropriate song to close this particular service, but it had a little extra significance to me this evening. The concept of living by faith has great meaning to me as a Christian. Faith is what makes me a Christian; it is why I am called a believer. The day will come when I will die in faith, and faith alone will carry me into Heaven. But that’s not living faith; that is dying faith. What does it mean to live by faith? God has been teaching Heather and I some lessons about it for the past several years.
     Preachers speak often about the need to “have faith in God,” and we should preach about it. After all, the Lord Jesus Christ delivered that message to His disciples 2,000 years ago, and it still is our great need today. Faith is one of those qualities that is hard to measure, but we all know we could use more of it. Or, maybe I should say, we need to build upon the faith we have. 2 Peter 1:5-8 states that God’s desire is to build our faith. Now, I have often thought that I am solely responsible for building my faith, but I have come to realize that there is mutual responsibility in accomplishing this feat. It’s me and God working together to bring it about, mostly by the situations He sets up and my response to them.
     This past week, a new God-given life situation landed in mine and Heather’s lap. After trying for over 6 years to have a child and almost one year of waiting for an adoption, we were told last Sunday, May 19th, that a couple chose us to be the parents of their child. I have had some awesome days in my life:  my wedding, college graduation, the day that Heather got the “all-clear” from her cancer doctor. These all are unforgettable hours of my life. And now I can add another moment to the list.
     All of those wonderful moments have something in common:  waiting. Some of the greatest gifts in life come with patience and preparation. That patience is something divinely-taught, and it takes much time. Our preparation is divinely-planned, and there are a number of exams along the way. Exercising faith to believe that God could give us a child was like going out on a limb. And, after waiting 7 years, the limb honestly was feeling shaky. But, I have seen first-hand multiple times in my life that the exercise of faith will lead to the realization of God’s blessing. God does not just honor faith; He rewards it. And, it appears again that He has done it again for me and Heather. All the glory belongs to Him!
     Heather and I will keep posting about our journey as it progresses. Please add a comment below about a time when you saw God clearly give you a desire of your heart.



Our "Child of Promise," Victoria Marie Allison


2 thoughts on “Living By Faith

  1. Amity

    I love you guys! And the awesome demonstration of faith you have displayed. I also believe that God uses people to build ones faith, as you have been a part I building mine. We are praising The Lord with you!

    1. walking2you Post author

      Thank you so much, Amity, for your constant encouragement! Brian and I always enjoy talking with you and Jim because you know what it means to face difficulties. God has used your family’s testimony and sweet spirit as an example in our lives! I wish that you could be here to meet Victoria in person, but I’ll be sure to post lots of pictures!! Love you!!


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